Take Control of Your Health

The first step on your path to optimal self health is to stop going with the flow and to take control of your health.

Shift your mindset and make health your #1 priority. Life is too short to drift through it, make it your mission to be the best you that you can be and live a full, long, happy, healthy life. Changing your mindset will require you to be skeptical of the health advice you’ve grown up with and question everything you read on the internet (even this site). Become your own judge when it comes to your own health, and you will get to know what is right for you.

Optimal Self Health

The Three Phases of Optimal Self Health

The tools presented on this site have been adapted from common engineering and scientific tools that I use in may day job as a biomedical engineer. The tools have been simplified and customised for the purpose of prioritising, focusing, tracking, and reflecting (or enjoying) your health. These tools have been specifically designed through decades of collective experience to make complex tasks easy – which is why they’re great to apply to your health. This site is designed to help you drive beyond absence of disease towards wellness.

Follow these links to find detailed posts on each phase of the health optimisation process:

This is a great shortlist, an initial set of tools for you to start taking control of your health. For the visual people out there, I’ve consilidated the ideas to this simple roadmap. Following these steps will give you a great start your path to optimal health.

Take Control of Your Health

Roadmap to take control of your health. 5 steps to help discover your optimal health.

NOTE: I am not a doctor. This website does not provide medical advice, but assumes the reader is healthy and looking to further improve their health. Before applying any of the information, tools or techniques on this website – See your doctor. If you don’t trust your doctor, find a new one. There are plenty of doctors out there, so invest the time and find one that is right for you. If at this point, you decide to leave my site and apply that single piece of advice, I will be a very happy man. I suggest ACNEM as a good starting point for finding an enlightened GP. As they say… check yourself before you wreck yourself.

An essential part of taking control of your own health is having the right information. Every human being is different, I am writing about my personal experiences, as well as the experiences of my friends and family. These are n=1 studies. I use clinical studies and scientific literature where possible to support my arguments, but use your own judgement before changing your habits.

All that said, I want to set you a challenge – to be the best version of you, drive beyond absence of disease towards wellness.

Start now, click here and discover ways that you can prioritise your health.

Leave a comment below, I’d love to know the steps you’ve taken to take control of your health.

All the best in your pursuit to optimal self health!

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