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3 Ways Caffeine Impacts my Sleep

I love coffee. Since my introduction in first year of university, I’ve steadily been developing my addiction to caffeine. I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a coffee snob, and it’s not uncommon for me to walk past 10-20 cafes to seek out the perfect cup. I’ve reached a point where my 2-3 coffee per […]

Self Experiment Journal

The NEqualsOne Self Experiment Journal

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new project to develop a self experiment journal. The output of the project will be known as the NEqualsOne Journal, and I’m currently recruiting eager self-experimenters at NEqualsOneJournal.com. Visit the site if you’re interested to know more about the project, click here.  

Commuting Hacks

Fünf Commuting Hacks

Living in Sydney is fantastic, however the traffic is regularly horrendous! For nearly the past decade, I’ve been working on the best ways to hack the commute. Both driving and public transport can present similarly painful challenges at the beginning and end of your work day, these commuting hacks make it more bearable. The goal is to make the […]

Healthy Eating Habit Formation

9 Steps to Kickstart Your Healthy Eating Habit Formation

New roadmap to help you (or a loved one) kickstart your healthy eating habit. 9 simple steps will help you form the foundation of a sustained healthy eating habit. See my post on Taking Control of Your Health for more tips and techniques.   If you think this was useful, please share and let me […]

Habit Formation in Action

Mad May-Habit Formation Challenge

This May I’ve accepted a mates challenge to take on ‘Mad May’. I’ve taken this as a chance to test my habit formation abilities. Rules: 1. No Junk Food (Chips, Lollies, Cake, Hot Chips) 2. No Juice or Soft Drink 3. 50 Push-ups per day 4. 100 Sit-ups per day 5. 20 squats per day […]

Weight Management

How I Lost 10kg and Regained Control of My Weight

I recently achieved my target weight of 72kg! Over the past 5 years my weight has been slowly spiraling out of control. In 2011 I maxed out at 82kg. The two greatest factors that helped me reach my weight management goal where: 1. A shift in my attitude. I started to think of myself as […]

Smartwatch Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis for Activity Trackers

I just performed a Decision Analysis to help me decide which Smartwatch/ Activity Tracker is right for me. I critiqued my personal situation, and identified the key features that are important to me in a Smartwatch or Activity Tracker. The decision analysis technique allowed me to successfully navigate the sea of activity trackers/ smartwatches without the angst that can […]

The Disease Delusion

Just finished reading the Disease Delusion by Dr Jeffrey S. Bland – It was a great read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about taking control of their own health! It’s amazing how much the food you eat, and the environment you live in have a long lasting impact on your […]

Boost Sleep with Lighting

I’ve recently had some great success improving my sleep by minimizing my exposure to bright blue lights before bed. Currently I’m using F.lux on my laptop and Twilight on my phone to regulate the colour and intensity of my commonly used screens before bed. Sleep as Android has been an invaluable tool, allowing me to track my sleep quality. […]

Sleep Tracking in Action

After an extremely busy week finishing up at my job, I had some serious sleep deficit. With some help from my sleep tracking app, it looks like I’ve made up for most of it! Notice the large proportion of deep sleep early in the night, and REM cycles increasing in duration as the night goes […]

Low Carb Diet in the Media

Caught last weeks episode of Catalyst, Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction. Great to see some serious momentum! If something is broken – Fix it! I believe the Low Carb Diet is more than just a fad diet. Everyone in the world of modern nutrition concedes the benefits of good quality saturated fat in the […]

Fat is NOT the Enemy

This is my first real blog, and I thought I’d share with you an article I saw in the mainstream media here in Sydney – All fat is not Bad! It is refreshing to see some coverage of this grossly misunderstood macronutrient. A new era of public health education will soon take shape, where the general public […]