Weight Management

How I Lost 10kg and Regained Control of My Weight

I recently achieved my target weight of 72kg! Over the past 5 years my weight has been slowly spiraling out of control. In 2011 I maxed out at 82kg. The two greatest factors that helped me reach my weight management goal where:

1. A shift in my attitude. I started to think of myself as a healthy person, who is in control of his health. For me, this was a crucial turning point, which enabled me to make better health decisions in all aspects of my life.

2. A change in my diet. I started eating clean, saw a nutritionist, and began experimenting with Ketogenic/ Low Carb/ Paleo/ Whole Food diets. They’re all much better than the standard western diet I was eating before.

Check out my article on Weight Management to see what other tools helped me to track and optimise my weight.

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