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Welcome to Optimal Self Health.com! This website was created to provide tools, tips and hacks to help you take control  and find your optimal self health. For years I was frustrated by the level of misinformation in the media relating to health, especially in the nutrition space. The concept of ‘Self Health’ or ‘Self Actualisation’ is gaining momentum as a force that will reshape healthcare over the coming decade. The idea is that each of us is responsible for our own health – simple. With the explosion of the internet this has fast become an achievable vision, one that I am very passionate about.

The ‘Self Health’ movement encompasses ‘Biohackers’, ‘Quantified Self’ and anyone else who goes beyond the status-quo to take control of their own health. This is by no means a simple task, to truly optimise your health you need to develop a deep understanding of a multitude of topics including nutrition, physiology, anatomy, mental health, among other topics – which is probably why so many people put it in the too hard basket. This website has been built specifically to arm the everyday person with the tools they can use to take charge of their own health.

The key concepts behind this website are:

  1. Take Control of Your Health – be well informed , and make good health decisions.
  2. Find your Optimal Self Health –  discover what health means to you and keep pushing until you are the best that you can be.
  3. Work Smarter, Not Harder – focus your energy on the big ticket items that will yield the biggest improvements.

Doctors and Healthcare professionals are there to provide healthcare services. They undergo extensive training and become experts in their field. A recognised short-coming of the modern healthcare system is that it’s geared around eliminating disease.  Doctors are also human, which means that they are capable of making mistakes/ having their own motives/ biases etc. This is in no way an attack on Health Professionals, but as a thought starter for all health consumers. If you visit a doctor, and are happy to be prescribed ‘a pill for every ill’, then this site is not for you. I want to connect with fellow health nuts that want to play a more active role in the pursuing not only health, but wellness.

This site is targeted at creating awareness of the importance of holistic or integrative health. Traditional western medicine takes into account physical and chemical aspects of health, often ignoring emotional, mental, environmental or social factors. In order to truly optimise your health, you must treat yourself as a complex system. All components must be optimised for the total system to reach optimum health. This includes optimising nutritional, physiological, physical, psychological, and social health and well-being. Just because science can’t explain it doesn’t mean it can’t improve your health.

Do you have a health plan? Health List? Health Goals? If yes, great – If no, then I think that you could benefit from this website.

Welcome to OptimalSelfHealth.com, and best of luck pursuing your optimal health.



Brett Anderson


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  1. Great to see people removing the external locus of control with their own health. It is people like you Brett who are paving the way for those who are deluded into thinking that your standard GPs (bless their ignorant souls) or even ‘specialists’ in western medicine have your best interests at heart, when their last holiday was funded by big Pharma and they are trying to advocate a nutritional food pyramid that was derived from research from the 50’s, that was funded by the department of agriculture….

    Looking forward to hearing what else you put up on the site, keep up the great work mate!


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