Health Prioritisation

When it comes to taking control of your health – Health Prioritisation is KEY!

After making the initial decision that your health is important to you, the next steps of health prioritisation can be daunting. The human body is infinitely complex. The more aware you become about the details of these complex systems, the more difficult it can be to focus your efforts when working towards your optimal holistic health. I’ve setup this page to give you some tools and tips on how to effectively prioritise your efforts, and get you to your optimal health more effectively.

Step 1 – Write Down Your Goals

Physically sit down with a pen and paper, and write down your goals. Some good thought starters are:

  • What aspects of my health am I unhappy about ?
  • What stops me from doing the things I like doing?
  • At what point during the day am I dissatisfied with the state of my health?


Step 2 – List Your Health Concerns

Write down the aspects of your health that routinely stop you from performing the tasks/activities that you’d like to be.


Step 3 – Rate the Severity of Your Ailments

Rank the severity of each health concern. Suitable rating system may include: Severity from 1-10 (1=minor, 10=debilitating)

Rank the frequency that each ailment occurs. Suitable rating system may include: Frequency from 1-10 (1=monthly, 10=hourly)

Now multiply the severity and frequency score for each health concern.


Step 4 – Visualise Your Health Concerns

Use a Pareto Chart to plot out each health concern, using the ratings you’ve allocated. This will help you to visualise the relative importance of each health concern. Starting at the biggest health concern is generally the best way to start!


You can identify which of these health concerns are preventing you from achieving your  health goals, and double the score

Some items may be multipliers, that will eliminate or drastically reduce the importance of some other health concerns. See if you can identify any of these, and start with these first.


Step 5 – Develop your action plan

Develop an action plan for ONE priority health concern that you’ve identified.

Actions may include:

Go to bed earlier, seeing your doctor, going for a swim, going to the gym, seeing a nutritionist, starting meditation, learning to play a music instrument…. you get the idea.

Be specific and set deadlines. If you miss the deadline, set a new deadline – but always work towards a specific end point.

Set a reminder in your phone to check your progress and re-evaluate each week/ fortnight/ month, whatever interval you are comfortable with.


Step 6 – Start!

Now that you’ve identified your holistic health goals, key health concerns, priorities, and created an action plan – GET STARTED!


Let me know what you think!

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