Sustainable Dieting

Don’t go on a diet – Change your mindset

Dieting does not work! Anybody can go on a diet tomorrow. There are many diets to try, low carb, high fat, Paleo, vegetarian, New Atkins, 5:2, the list goes on. You are likely to experience some short-term health improvements, then as the period of ‘dieting’ ends, you’ll fall back into the same traps and end up back where you started. In the fullness of time, it is likely that a diet you tried will fail.

Dieting is not sustainable.

Changing your mindset is sustainable. Making this one single shift in mindset WILL make a sustainable change.

Current Mindset

  • I am going on a diet to lose Xkgs.
  • I am on a diet, so I can’t eat that right now.
  • I have to exercise 4 times per week till I lose X kgs.
  • I just lost 5kgs on Diet A,
  • I am going on a diet for 4 weeks to detox. (Good start!)

New Healthy, Enlightened Mindset

  • I don’t eat that because it will make me feel unwell afterwards.
  • I’m currently running on energy from fats, I want to keep burning fats so I will have my carbs later today.
  • I want to exercise because I enjoy being a healthy person, and feeling good.
  • No, I’m not on a diet, I just choose to eat healthily as often as I can because it makes me feel better.

Once you have made the shift in mindset, you will still try different foods, and experiment. However you will be thinking of them more as experiments, rather than diets. The key difference is that once you are finished, you will learn from the experiment and implement the appropriate changes in your everyday life.

Make a shift in your mindset today, and decide to be a healthy person.

A great way to kick off any new habit is by literally acting or pretending. If you start pretending you are a healthier person, you will eventually adopt these attributes into your everyday life. Fake it till you make it – try it and see.

How have you made your diet changes stick?

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