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With so much information out there on maximizing your health, it’s often difficult to make sense of all the conflicting recommendations. Particularly when it comes to your health, the only way to know what works for you is to experiment. Unfortunately, running effective self-experiments that actually improve your health are also one of the most difficult things to do! The time lag between starting an experiment and getting results (often some 2-6months later) leaves a lot of room for error. For years I’ve been using my scientific and engineering training to optimise the process of personal improvement. Through countless personal experiments, supplements, books, podcasts, and discussions I’ve finally arrived at a process that works. I’m excited to announce that I’ve been working away developing a self experiment journal to help you optimize your health, The NEqualsOne Journal!

I’m incredibly excited about this project, and truly believe it will maximize the impact of your self-health experiments helping you to achieve your Optimal Health with minimum effort (and wasted time). The journal lays down the process for:

  1. Identifying your biggest health pain-points/health concerns.
  2. Determining actions that would improve your specific health concern.
  3. Prioritizing the actions to provide the maximum benefit – why waste time and money?
  4. Planning an NEqualsOne Health Experiment that you’ll actually learn from.
  5. Running and Recording the Experiment in the most efficient way.
  6. Reflecting on your learning’s, and turning them into positive habits.

Though targeted at health, the journal is not limited to health experiments. The process can be applied more generally to anything in your personal, sport, or business life.

If you’ve been struggling to make sense of the barrage of information online, and are serious about optimising your health visit the NEqualsOne Journal landing page to register your interest. Sale Price for the final NEqualsOne Journal is $49, but for the first 25 test dummies, price is $20 which includes a copy of the final product. This special offer also comes with a personal coaching session to help work through and maximize your first NEqualsOne health experiment.

The NEqualsOne Journal site will become the hub for n=1 experiments, with members being able to share and comment on their experiments. Sharing the planning process, and lessons learnt for specific types of experiments will take the guessing work out of it and yield a higher level optimised process. This body of knowledge will be invaluable to anyone serious about improving their health.


Happy Optimizing!


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