Health Optimisation

Now that you’ve taken control, your well on your way to finding your optimal health. Phase 2 is to begin experimenting and optimising your health.

This page is your index card for everything related to health optimisation in the real world. Health Optimisation takes time. It will require you to pay close attention to your body, what goes in, how you feel, and what goes out (sorry, nasty details are required). I’ve put together this page to make your Health Optimisation process as easy as possible.

Optimal Self Health

The Three Phases of Optimal Self Health


Don’t Wander Aimlessly – at least not when it comes to your health experiments. Develop and execute targeted, planned experiments using the Plan/Do/Check/Act methodology made famous by Toyota. You will arrive at solid conclusions more efficiently that just trial and error.

Below is an introductory list of tools that can be applied to help you optimise different aspects of your health. Tools Include:
Self Experiment Planning and Problem Solving Methodology
Pareto Analysis
Decision Analysis

Below is a list of excellent resources that I’ve used on my own pursuit to optimal health.
Mindfulness Practice
Daily Habits
Nutritional Ketosis

The right tool can save you a lot of wasted time and energy, so be smart about where you spend your energy. The journey to optimal health starts here, no need to reinvent the wheel, you can use tried and tested tools to help reach your health goals more efficiently.

Want more on self-experiments? Visit for the latest information on my self experiment journal project.

Next after Health Optimisation comes the Third Phase: Habit formation and sustaining your optimal health.

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