Modern Nutrition

I’m a foodie, and proud of it. Food is one of the greatest gifts, something we get to share and enjoy multiple times each day. Each meal is an opportunity to improve, maintain or damage your health. Mastering your diet is one of the most powerful health improvement tools, second only to sleep – so it’s worth spending some time to educate yourself in the current state of nutrition. Sifting through nutritional information can be incredibly confusing, with alkaline, paleo, atkins, 5:2, IF, and many more diets to check out, there are mixed messages at every turn.

This is a multi-part series that provides information on Modern Nutrition guidelines from the worlds leading nutrition researchers. These pages will not be promoting the typical low fat, high grain, calorie counting diets that we’ve been brought up with. If you’re after advice on calorie counting, this is not the site for you. Enlightened nutrition is the goal here at Optimal Self Health. No big food, no chemical companies, no other hidden agendas, just healthy eating to maximise your health. This is my distillation of thousands of hours reading, researching, discussing and understanding modern nutrition – it is worth your time.

Upcoming topics include:

– Importance of Dietary Fat (Cellular Membranes).

– Macronutrients – Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates.

– Micronutrients – Vitamins and Minerals

– Eating to maximise Energy Production

– Nutritional influence on Hormones

– Fuel Sources: Nutritional Ketosis vs. Glucose Metabolism

– Calorie Counting and Restriction – or Composition?

– Impact of Dietary Protein on Inflammation

– Pesticide Consumption (Organic vs. Non-Organic)

– You are what you eat …  ate (Grass-Fed, Organic, Free Range)

After digesting these pages (couldn’t help it), you will be able to hold your own in most nutrition ‘discussions’. More importantly, you will be able to hold your own when deciding what you put in your shopping basket and into your mouth. Knowing how to eat for your optimal health will dramatically improve all facets of your health – it’s certainly worth the time to educate yourself.

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