Commuting Hacks

Fünf Commuting Hacks

Living in Sydney is fantastic, however the traffic is regularly horrendous! For nearly the past decade, I’ve been working on the best ways to hack the commute. Both driving and public transport can present similarly painful challenges at the beginning and end of your work day, these commuting hacks make it more bearable. The goal is to make the […]

Boost Sleep with Lighting

I’ve recently had some great success improving my sleep by minimizing my exposure to bright blue lights before bed. Currently I’m using F.lux on my laptop and Twilight on my phone to regulate the colour and intensity of my commonly used screens before bed. Sleep as Android has been an invaluable tool, allowing me to track my sleep quality. […]

Low Carb Diet in the Media

Caught last weeks episode of Catalyst, Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction. Great to see some serious momentum! If something is broken – Fix it! I believe the Low Carb Diet is more than just a fad diet. Everyone in the world of modern nutrition concedes the benefits of good quality saturated fat in the […]