Habit Formation in Action

Mad May-Habit Formation Challenge

This May I’ve accepted a mates challenge to take on ‘Mad May’. I’ve taken this as a chance to test my habit formation abilities.


1. No Junk Food (Chips, Lollies, Cake, Hot Chips)

2. No Juice or Soft Drink

3. 50 Push-ups per day

4. 100 Sit-ups per day

5. 20 squats per day

This is a great opportunity to examine my current habbits, and look at which habbits no longer serve me. Anything not working for me will be replaced with Push-ups, Sit-ups and Squats. The plan is to perform them over at least 2 sessions throughout the day. Stay tuned for updates on the success of my habit formation.

PS. Every day I fail to meet my target I will donate $5 to a charity (TBD)

If you think you can do it too, or if you have a better definition of junk food – drop a comment below!

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